This might be a surprise to you, but slimes and putties have taken off in a big way.

They are all over social media channels like Instagram and YouTube at the moment, and it seems that kids of all ages – and big kids too – just can’t get enough of them at the moment.

In an age where kids are increasingly attached to devices and screens, slimes and putties provide a distinctly three-dimensional experience that is both fun and very different to what they are used to today.

There’s even a school of thought that suggests that slimes and putties are a great way to destress as an adult!

The rise of slimes and putties has even helped turn around the fate of a failing glue factory in France due to the increased demand for these sticky products.

With this in mind then, it really is a good idea to stock your shelves with slimes and putties this summer.

With lots of potential customers asking themselves ‘where can I buy slime?’ this summer, it makes sense to make find some great new additions to your stock. That’s why if you manage a gift shop, joke shop or newsagents, you’ll be delighted to hear that Crosswear Trading pulls no punches when it comes to its range of fantastic slimes and putties.

Perfect Products

Having a quick way of making Slime is a great way to encourage kids’ creativity and curiosity. Take a look at these Gelli Play multipacks that turn water into goo, containing all the slime ingredients your customers need. They’re non-irritant, stain free and come in great colours, providing hours of fun.

For those who are not as keen on DIY putty making, Crosswear Trading also stocks a host of ‘pre-gooified’ products.

Why not stock up on Professor Marty’s Glitter Genius Thinking Putty? With clear, glitter, glow in the dark, neon and even a variety that changes colour, this range of putties can be contorted into any shape and even snapped into pieces to allow for an extra level of creativity.

Multipacks of Professor Marty’s slime are also available – a great buy for your store.

Any budding scientists out there will be sure to enjoy the Super Slime Lab from GooZooka. Complete with bottles of slime juice, colour changing figment, and transparent slime – as well as a test tube and PVC tray – kids and adults alike will love conducting slimy experiments and testing out new colours.

Wholesale Slime and Putty

Crosswear Trading stocks multipacks of slime tubs in a range of cool colours, as well as buckets and barrels of slime, and even confetti slime!

There’s also special Ghostbusters slime in our product range, as well as mermaid slime and a family full of slime!

For those animal fans out there, we also have a selection of frog inspired slime products. Why not get hold of some Frog with Eggs slime and help your customers fool their friends. They look unerringly like the real thing!

Or perhaps you’re looking to stock your shelves with something a little more….disgusting?

We stock Poo Shaped Slime for those pesky tricksters out there, as well as Barf Slime Balls and even pink Unicorn poo slime!

Sign up and Stock your Shelves

Slime and Putties are all the rage at the minute, so don’t miss out on the chance for some additional sales in your store this summer. Take advantage of this sticky sensation and find yourself a great selection of wholesale slimes and putties from Crosswear Trading today.

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All our products can be bought in bulk at great wholesale prices, so be sure to create a trading account with Crosswear Trading today and continually find great items for your store.