The summer is here and that means that festival season is now upon us.


Across the country, events will be taking place over the next few months that are perfect for dressing up, letting your hair down and enjoying the sun, some music and a few drinks too!


The ‘festival look’ is something that fashion companies have been pushing for quite some time, and mixes effortless chic with practicality. Think wellies and sunhats combined with chic sunglasses and great colourful clothing.


Whatever festival your customers may be heading off to this summer, one thing’s for sure – they’ll want to look good when they get there.


Thankfully at Crosswear Trading we stock a host of superb UV paints and cosmetics that can really help add the finishing touches to the festival look.


UV Paints


Whether your customers want that raver look or something a little more bohemian, UV paints are a great way to get into the festival mood.


We stock UV Eye shadows in a range of bright and exciting colours such as purple and orange, as well as UV Face and Body Paints. Let your customers create memories with some of these great products.


When it comes to getting hair right for the festival season, we stock Hair Chalk and Hair Gel in UV, helping your customers stand out from the crowd with a daring, edgy look. These come in Blue, Green, Pink and many more exciting colours.


We also stock UV lipsticks and UV nail varnish, so don’t miss out!


Face paints and Body Art


Our selection of face paints and body art options is excellent, allowing you to make sure your stores are full of great items this summer.


We stock Gold Glitter Cream and Silver Glitter Cream that would look great while singing along to a favourite song at a festival. We also stock glow in the dark face cream, as well as body art crayons and a glow in the dark body paint giftset. These products can help your customers really experiment with their look and get things right with their festival outfits.


Great Festival Accessories


Other things to consider stocking up on for the festival season and the summer in general include glasses, inflatables, wigs and hats.


Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your profit margins with some great products from Crosswear Trading – all available at excellent great prices from your wholesale supplier.


If you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for a trade account with us today.