If you’ve not done so already, you need to get your store in shape for the Christmas rush sooner rather than later. These weeks that mark the run in to the festive period are crucial for retailers across the country, and an important factor in any end of year sales figures.


Crosswear offers a wide selection of Christmas items – all of which are available to buy in bulk from our online store. We’ve kept a close eye on what are going down a storm with customers, and our range of products has been put together to help reflect this.


One of the oldest and finest traditions around Christmas time is the exchanging of Christmas cards. In this age of digital communication, it would be easy to think these aren’t a priority for many shoppers. But to do so would be a mistake. This tradition is alive and well in many homes in the UK, as people take the opportunity to catch up with friends and family they may not see as often as they’d like.


At Crosswear, we offer a broad selection of boxed Christmas cards that are sure to be well received by your customers.

We stock cards from a wide selection of suppliers, offering you a spectrum of different styles to pick from. There are religious and ornate cards available, all the way through to funny and whimsical cards to select from.


One of our favourite suppliers of Christmas cards is Out of the Blue Studios. This company’s offering is proving particularly popular so far this year and includes many traditional designs, such as cards with beautiful winter scenes and cute cartoon animals.


We also offer a series of cards that can be sold to support the NSPCC. Not only are these cards for a good cause, but they also have beautiful designs and will be joyously received this Christmas. These cards are available in packs of 12 from Crosswear.


One relatively recent trend we’ve seen is the emergence of Christmas Eve Boxes. These are intended to be given to children on Christmas Eve to help welcome the celebrations, and can be filled with all manner of small Christmas gifts to start the present opening early.


We stock a number of exciting Christmas Eve Box options at Crosswear Trading that can be bought by your customers if they’re looking to get the festivities started early this year. Why not stock up on these Santa style boxes, or perhaps this elf feet option is preferable? There are also gingerbread house and special delivery from the North Pole boxes available within our range, so don’t miss out.