Birthdays are a great excuse to get together with friends and family, let your hair down and enjoy yourself.


But sometimes finding the right gift for somebody on their birthday can be easier said than done.


As a retailer then, it’s a good idea to stock your shelves with an array of cool items that can give your customers a great selection of options when it comes to buying that birthday present.


To make selecting what you buy from your favourite wholesale suppliers that little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 birthday gift ideas for friends and family. Take a look through our suggestions and see if you can find some great new additions from our wholesale giftware collection for your store today.


1 – Glitter and LED Canvases


At Crosswear Trading, we stock a fabulous collection of Glitter and LED canvases that would make a great present.


If you know an animal lover, we stock canvases with lions, tigers, zebras and unicorns that look fabulous on walls.


Or perhaps you want to give somebody a gift that shows how sophisticated you think they are. We have Deco Glitter Canvases, as well as canvases with shoes and handbag and shoes and nail varnish presented beautifully.


2 – Light boxes


Light boxes are as eye catching as they are cool and look great in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.


We stock letters and numbers that can bought in bulk, allowing your customers to add exciting new accessories to home with a personal touch.


3 – Soft Toys


If you’re looking to stock up on gifts for children, why not get some soft toys added to your shelves. Our selection at Crosswear Trading is large and is sure to delight young children and big kids alike.


Our soft toys from Animotsu are super cute and includes everything from lions and leopards, to pugs and rabbits, and even rainbow bear and rainbow elephants!


We stock loads of other great soft toy gifts, so find some super items for your store today.


4 – Keepsakes


Crosswear Trading stocks a number of beautiful keepsakes that would make for fine birthday gifts for friends and family.


We sell keepsake keys that can help your sons, daughters or friends remember their 18th or 21st birthday in style.


We also offer a congratulatory sentimental artwork, available wholesale from Crosswear Trading today.


5 – Occasion Photo Frames


We also stock a wide number of photo frames that are designed to help people celebrate special occasions and remember it for years to come.


Crosswear Trading offers frames in the shape of champagne bottles to help your customers remember their big day once the drink starts flowing.


We also stock sentiment frames for dads and plaques for mums to help your customers let their parents know how much they mean to them.


Whatever the occasion, you can stock up on great occasion frames from Crosswear Trading now.


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