Amongst a host of events on the occasions calendar, Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the most lucrative for giftware stores across the UK. With people in the UK spending around £980m on gifts in 2016, it’s important that your store is prepared to meet the high demand for themed gifts, cards and gift wrapping during this season.

If you’re wondering how you can boost your Valentine’s Day sales this year, Crosswear is here to offer you advice.

Gifts galore

One of the most obvious investments for your store should be high-quality giftware. With the average spend on Valentine’s Day gifts going up to £53, many consumers will be willing to splash out on their Valentines.

Ensure you have the most popular Valentine’s Day giftware in your store, including classics such as:

  • Teddy bears – offer a variety of options from classic models holding hearts to special boxed teddy bears or switch it up and add some pug plushies and other popular soft toys to your range.
  • Balloons – ever-popular accessories which are great not just to accompany gifts, but also to sell as multi-packs for people looking to prepare a special setting for Valentine’s Day. Offer personalised balloons using our glue sticks and glitters as an effective way of making the most of our plain heart foil balloons.
  • Red roses – from fresh ones to artificial roses which look just as good, but are much more longer-lasting, these staple products should be placed at strategic points across your store including next to the shopping tills to encourage impulse purchases.

Don’t forget to use some of these products to also adorn your shelves and create a special display to attract busy passers-by and indicate to shoppers that you have an extensive range of Valentine’s Day products where they can find what they need.

Saying “I love you”

Did you know that 65% of people exchange cards on Valentine’s Day? Not only that, but each year the sales of greeting cards see an average growth of £1million.

Make sure you have an interesting variety of Valentine’s Day cards for your customers to choose from. That way, you can appeal to all age groups and tastes. Create a mixture of funny, adorable, romantic, cheesy and unusual cards and make sure to split them by key categories which are signposted throughout your shelves, to make it easier and faster for your customers to find exactly what they need.

Stunning gift wrapping

Whether you have a fantastic selection of gift wrapping solutions for your customers to choose from, or you go the extra mile and offer a gift wrapping service for free, it’s important to have gift wrapping which stands out. Keep it on theme and choose from decorative and romantic options such as:

  • Heart printed cellophane bags
  • Floral tissue paper
  • Embossed heart bottle bags and gift bags
  • Valentine’s Day printed gift wrap

Sometimes consumers think so much about the presents that they forget about the wrapping, so adding gift wrapping options near the front of your store and close to the tills can not only entice passers-by but remind them to pick up some wrapping paper as well, and drive higher value purchases for your business.

Why not combine some of the above to make an irresistible Valentine’s offer? By wrapping one of our adorable teddy bears in some Valentine’s themed cellophane and decorating it with a cute bow, you can offer your customers a great Valentine’s bundle at a higher price point.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy a boost in revenue over the season of love and cater to a wide audience this Valentine’s Day. Make sure to check out our entire Valentine’s range, as well as register for a trade account to place your order online and get your stock delivered just in time.