One of our passions at Crosswear Trading is providing high-quality balloons products to stores across the UK.

We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s popular with customers and what items are proving to be a common choice.

As such, we’ve put together a blog around some of the leading balloon styles this year so far to provide you with some inspiration if you’re not sure what to opt for. So take a look and make a positive decision for your business today.

1 – Walking Balloons

Walking Balloons have taken off in a big way in recent times – and for good reason. These exciting products are different from normal balloons as they can be walked around a room, offering hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

At Crosswear Trading, we stock a host of walking balloons in the shape of all your favourite animals. Select from dogs and cats through to farmyard animals like ponies, sheep and hens. We also stock penguins, ladybirds, giraffes, zebras and even unicorns and dinosaurs, so our range is wide.

These are a great option for your store due to the fact they aren’t like other balloons. People like variety and to try something new, so walking balloons can really be advantageous.

2 – Light Up Balloons

Balloons that light up are a great option for instore partyware, with the capability of illuminating a space and being truly eye catching.

As balloon designs become more advanced and streamlined, light up balloons are proving increasingly popular as a partyware item.

There’s a great selection available at Crosswear Trading, so don’t miss out.

3 – Numeral and Letter Helium Foils

This popular choice is a great option for your stores as it lets the customer pick and choose exactly what they want ahead of an event.

So, for example, birthdays are always a good excuse for celebration. So having numeral and letter helium foil balloons will allow your customers to pick exactly what they’re looking for – be it ages or names, or both.

4 – Jumbo Foil Balloons

We’ve seen this great style of balloon remain as popular as ever during 2018. The jumbo foil balloon is an ever present and we have a host of fabulous designs in our range at Crosswear Trading.

We have more than 300 of these balloons in our range, covering everything from birthdays to wedding and engagements to new arrivals in the family.

Customers love this type of balloon, so don’t miss out on sales for your store.

5 – Balloon Accessories

We’ve also noted a rise in the amount of people looking to accessorise and do something different with balloons.

This includes adding items such as confetti and feathers to the inside of balloons, as well as items to help decorate balloons.

We also stock balloon glitter glue pens and stickers, so you can stock up on great items from Crosswear Trading today and provide your customers with a host of options.

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