Light is an important element in any home. It helps to define the vibe, style and character of the space, whether that be a creative work area or a place of relaxation.

More and more homeowners today are looking to use light in innovative new ways – one of which is via light boxes. These can help to create an excellent point of interest in kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms.


At Crosswear Trading, we offer a great range of lightboxes and lettering. With boxes in the shapes of letters and numbers, as well as ones with pre-written or write-your-own messages, your customers will love the options you present them with.


But how can they make the most of their purchase? And if they’ve not yet decided whether or not to invest in one of our fantastic lightboxes, what possibilities do they present?


Magic Messages

Lightboxes are a great way to convey special or personal messages. At Crosswear Trading, we sell cinematic light up boxes with a message reading ‘You light me up!’. This sweet message is ideal to include in living rooms or home cinemas and to have while your customers relax with a loved one and watch a film or tv series together.


We also stock LED lightboxes made of wood, with messages including ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Love’. These are a beautiful addition to any home, creating a nice new focal point using a word lightbox. These items would also make a great gift option for any new homeowners.


Our range includes light up speech bubbles with a pen that allow people to write their own messages on this cool accessory. Whether they are telling somebody they share their house with that they love them or reminding them to pick up some milk, having a home decoration on which they can write their own message presents a great opportunity for fun.

lettering lightbox

Decorative Options

Many people choose to use lightboxes as a decorative item on a sideboard, shelf or on top of a bookcase. These are all great locations for them, as they can add interest and character to parts of the room that may be lacking it.


Lettering also works well as table decorations, particularly at events like birthday parties. For example, we stock number-shaped illuminated lettering that can be used to help decorate a table or room and remind the birthday boy or girl how old they are (if they want to be reminded of course!).


Our illuminated lettered options can be bought in bulk, allowing you to cater to your customers’ needs and let them spell out names, places in the home or whatever they so desire.


As well as lightboxes, Crosswear Trading stocks glitter and LED canvases that can add a touch of style and decoration to a room or indoor space.


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