Up And Coming Movies To Prepare Your Stores For....

Movies are a great way for stores to take advantage of popular trends, and with so many amazing films for both children and adults coming ever closer to their release dates, it’s important to make sure your store has the latest movie-themed partyware.

Crosswear are here to remind you of some of the highly anticipated up and coming movies that are due to be released throughout the next few months so you can always be one step ahead of lucrative trends.

Crosswear Becomes A Finalist For The Retas Awards 2017

Exciting times lie ahead as Crosswear has been listed as one of the finalists in this year’s The Retas Awards for the ‘Best Greeting Card Wholesaler’ category! The Retas Awards are the only awards hosted for the celebration of greeting cards retailers across the UK, representing one of the most important events in the greeting cards industry. 

Crosswear Retas Awards Finalist

How To Celebrate St George’s Day With Crosswear

St George’s Day takes place on the 23rd April and is an important event for many Christians across the UK. The anniversary of St George used to be a national holiday in the UK, but it is now an observance day that is celebrated by thousands every year with parades, dancing and other enjoyable festivities! If you’re a savvy retailer looking to provide for every party event on the calendar including St George’s Day, then keep on reading.

Go The Extra Mile With Wholesale Gift Wrapping From Crosswear

Now that you have a fantastic selection of wholesale gifts, it’s time to expand your range of gift wrapping. Combining a range of gifts with gift wrapping options is a great way to meet the demands of your customers, all in one go and offer them extra value. Are you ready to cater for every occasion? Then carry on reading!

wholesale gift wrapping

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