Commonly Asked Questions

Why are the prices higher online?

The prices are in the most part 10% higher online. This is to cover the cost of time picking the order, packaging materials and delivery expenses. Once you have evaluated your travel and time expense we're confident that you'll find that the higher price hasn't actually cost you any extra at all.

Why is there a minimum order of £100 and why do I have to order multiple quantities of certain items?

Firstly; they are effective barriers to stop consumers using the website. We only want to supply the retail trade; not anyone that has a business to register like many other trade sites. Secondly; to keep our order picking processes efficient. We accept that we lose certain business with a minimum order and minimum quantities but this is the price we pay to reduce the risk of supplying our customers' customers.

Could you refund the items not picked and despatched?

We first charge the card only after the order is picked so if there is anything not picked the correct amount only is charge so no refunds are necessary.

What couriers do you use?

All UK deliveries are sent by DPD. Provided you submit a mobile number you will receive a text message confirming delivery date and also, on the day of delivery, another text confirming a one hour time slot.

How has payment failed; we already paid online?

We only charge funds to the card after the order is picked so the payment can potentially not clear after you have successfully gone through the checkout. The most common reason for the payment failing is that the address or security number submitted does not match the bank's records.